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5 Onstage Relationships In Musicals

February 3, 2023

5 Relationships We Love Onstage

(Spoiler: not all are romantic relationships)

February is the month of love and we are celebrating love in every sense of the word with a round-up of our favorite relationships on stage! From fathers and sons to best friends to budding romances, we wanted to cover it all. How many of these relationships do you recognize from the stage?

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May & Francois - & Juliet

If you haven’t yet seen ‘& Juliet’ we will try to keep any spoilers out of this one, but we just couldn’t get enough of May and Francois in the show! (*cue Miley Cyrus’s FLOWERS!*) The show revolves around Juliet finding herself and learning to love herself first with the help of her best friends, one of whom is May. They end up at a ball and May finds themself to be intertwined in a whirlwind romance with Francois Du Bois (we won’t spoil beyond that!).


Mimi & Roger - Rent

We love the relationship of Mimi and Roger in ‘Rent’ and we’re especially in love with how the met, a scene that mirror the iconic opera, La Bohéme. He loved her for her, despite her addiction and sickness. He saw and understood her truth, which was ultimately the light that illuminated his heart. And she loved him for his too and believed in his passions and dreams, even if he didn’t in them at times himself. It’s a beautiful love story that has their hearts in the very center of their relationship and has always left a lasting impression for anyone that has seen the show (or movie!).


Carl Hanratty & Frank Abagnale Jr. - Catch Me If You Can

It wouldn’t be a Marc Shaiman/Scott Whitman musical without a heartwarming best friend storyline, now would it? And Catch Me If You Can is definitely no exception. The real life story turned movie turned musical about Frank Abagnale Jr. features many relationships throughout his story, from his complicated parents to the many romances. But the one we love watching the most is his found family with Carl Hanratty, the FBI agent assigned his case. By the end of Frank’s cons, they become friends and even work together! And how can you not want to sing along to ‘Stuck Together’ anytime it comes on shuffle?


Elphaba & Glinda - Wicked

 No trip to Oz is complete without sobbing over Wicked’s For Good song in act 2. It comes with the territory! Elphaba and Glinda are the blueprint for theatre besties, so make sure to send your best friends a little extra love this Valentine season, we wouldn’t be anywhere without them! What is your favorite scene from Wicked? Let us know in the comments below.


Edward & Will Bloom - Big Fish 

There’s always something so endearing about father/son relationships in musicals. Though they are few and far between when we get to see them and witness a father and son truly start to understand each other; it’s beautiful! Big Fish, based on the Tim Burton film, has one of our favorite musical theatre songs, Fight the Dragons. It is such a beautiful sentiment to the relationship between Edward Bloom and his son Will. What is your favorite father/son relationship on stage?

These are just a few but there are countless relationships on stage that can teach and inspire us all! What are your favorite relationships on stage?

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