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5 Reasons San Francisco Ballet's Sensorium is a MUST-SEE

February 25, 2020

What is Sensorium?

The San Francisco Ballet is one of our favorite dance companies to continuously attend because they are always innovating their productions and season lineup for a modern-day audience. They go beyond the stage by offering incredible education opportunities, celebrate the evolution of dance by featuring new and diverse choreographers and enhance the audiences' experiences with unique activations, such as Sensorium!

Scroll below to find out what makes this performance unique and why you should DEFINITELY be on your radar...

About the Experience

Sensorium is one of our most favorite events of the year at the San Francisco Ballet! Why? Because they transform the entire War Memorial Opera House into a total sensory experience that only happens once a year. Trust us, you and your friends will definitely want to make this event.

About the night

The night will start with front-of-house arts installations and activities paired with bites and drinks. You'll enter the exquisite theater for an energetic performance by the San Francisco Ballet and then head down to the basement for an afterparty with dancing and more drinks! (You might even spot a few San Francisco Ballet dancers on the dance floor.)

Tips & Tricks

Come early to enjoy interactive pop-ups and art and tech installations. Purchase a quick drink or light bites at one of the bars located throughout the Opera House. Watch a program of exuberant ballet. And then dance the night away at our after party with special guest DJs.


Scroll below to find 5 Reasons SF Ballet's Sensorium is a MUST-SEE with special insight from James Buckhouse, the curator of the event!

5 Reasons San Francisco Ballet's Sensorium is a MUST-SEE

This is the fifth Sensorium event James has curated for SF Ballet and each Sensorium is so different from the next (you never know what to expect!). James is an artist and thought leader, whose work has been seen in the Guggenheim's Works & Process series and at the Whitney Museum in New York City. His resume lists the likes of Twitter and DreamWorks Animation, and he's now a design partner at Sequoia Capital. Recently, we had a chance to chat with him about Sensorium to find out what makes this year's event unique from his previous Sensoriums...

1) The Dance. This year, the SF Ballet will be presenting two contemporary ballets, The Infinite Ocean (that was featured in last year's Unbound Festival) and Sandpaper Ballet (choreographed by Mark Morris, who is known as an intensely "musical" choreographer). Put together, you'll discover an overarching story of finding closure in the past to seeking rejuvenation in the present and future.

2) The Music. Composers Oliver Davis (who has written several pieces for movies and TV) and Leroy Anderson (one of John Williams's idols) offer music that touches on both the quotidian and the sublime. Some moments are poignant. Others are light-hearted. Their music hints at the range of the human condition.

3) The Fashion. Designer Lan Jaenicke and floral designers Marigold will create an insta-couture moment that audiences will be able to experience before the show. (Get a glimpse of it via the photo above!)

4) The Art. Dance, video, fashion, and music are mixed to create moments where elements from each art form offer shades of insight into the others. The entire team at SF Ballet has worked many months to bring this all together for a one-night-only production that you won't want to miss.

5) The Audience. About a third of the people who attend Sensorium are new to ballet and experiencing it for the first time. It is an electric feeling you can sense from the lobby all the way backstage.

Another reason you should attend Sensorium is the After-Party that's held in the basement of the War Memorial Opera House where you can mix and mingle with other arts enthusiasts and ballet dancers! We've been to all the Sensoriums and have always had such a fun time. We hope to see you there!


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