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5 Reasons Why You Should Join Our Arts Addict Membership

August 4, 2016

We are so excited to officially launch our Arts Addict Membership! Since Red Curtain Addict was founded in 2017, we have hosted over 15 events (say what?!) and we've met more and more amazing arts enthusiasts that love the arts as much as we do. So based on popular demand, we have rolled up our sleeves to create an official membership so that you and your friends can continue to experience the arts with no boundaries.

Now, Arts Addict Members can access Member-Only events, exclusive offerings and curated concert experiences that are NEXT LEVEL to ultimately support and enrich the arts community in the Bay Area.

Scroll below to find out 5 reasons why you should join our Arts Addict Membership...

1. One Membership, No Boundaries

(Membership Video)

We're a big believer that if you "love the arts" you want to explore them all! So we've created the Arts Addict Membership to include multiple opportunities for you to experience performances and events across genre (theater, jazz, dance, opera, concerts, etc.). If you aren't familiar with all these genres, not to worry! We had you in mind too. All of our concert events are paired with fun experiences so that you to learn more about the performance and/or the artists through unique pre-show meet-ups, artist meet & greets, backstage tours and more. What's not to love about that?!

2. Support and Enrich Our Local Arts Scene

Just like you, we've found that going to a live concert breaks up the hustle and bussle of things while expanding our minds with beautiful fantasies and amazing realizations. They also while help us live in the moment and connect with others that share the same passions. There's nothing like it.

These moments are created by talented artists and incredible administrators that have devoted their profession to give us these impactful experiences. When you join our Arts Addict Membership, you are contributing to their future and making a statement that you want them to keep going! So let's support the arts together by attending concerts, learning more about their individual talents and raising awareness about our local arts scene. Together, we can help sustain the arts for generations to come!

3. Access Member-Only Events

If you've been to any of our previous events, you'll know that we really care about the curation of our events and your overall experience. Because, hey - you deserve the BEST! Now, we are excited to offer private concerts and events for members-only that will be held at some of the finest venues in the city. These events are exclusive to members because we want to give you the opportunity to enjoy intimate concerts and thoughtful discussions while personally getting to know the artists and each other!

Want to find out about our first Members-Only event? Click here... (show me! show me!)

4. Experience Red Curtain Addict Nights Out + Exclusive Ticket Offers

We are so lucky to live in a city that offers so many arts experiences so let's get out there and experience them together! Our Red Curtain Addict Nights Out is one of our most popular offerings (we've sold out almost every event!). Each season we hand-select some of the best concerts and performances and pair them with fun before and after the show meet-ups where we'll learn about the music and/or artist(s) as a group.

We'll never lead you into a theater without first telling you everything you need to know. Our fun insiders and 'did-you-know' discussions will equip you to have the ultimate arts experience. Each of our members will also have the opportunity to enjoy complimentary bites + cocktails and sometimes, a private party bus... (did they just say party bus?! Oh yes. We. Did!) Want to see some of our previous events? Click HERE!

If you want to attend other concerts that aren't paired with an event - go for it! Our members can access exclusive ticket offers for select concerts across genre. Each week we'll send you a list of the top-performing arts experiences with special offerings and perks via our newsletter and on our Facebook Group Page!

5. Tap into an Awesome Arts Community

Last but not least, the arts can't exist with our a thriving community! That's why we open our doors to new, diverse and experienced arts goers! If you are an arts expert or you know nothing about the arts but are willing to try, you are the ideal Arts Addict Member. To us, you're all VIP's and we want to offer you the best arts experiences that the Bay Area has to offer.

Each of our events offers plenty of time to mix and mingle so that you can get to know other guests and learn new things together. Want to listen-in to what people are saying about their Red Curtain Addict experience? Click here!

We can't wait to welcome you as an Arts Addict Member!

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