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A Night to Remember - The SF Opera BRAVO! CLUB Gala

September 30, 2016

This year I had the honor to co-chair the San Francisco Opera BRAVO! CLUB Gala. BRAVO! CLUB is a community for young professionals from ages 21-40 to discover, learn, enjoy and support the San Francisco Opera. This year I wanted our guests to walk away with one of the best memories they've had at the opera and I think we achieved it!

The evening started off with a walk on the red carpet! This year I decided to go all out by wearing a custom made gown by JAKE, a local San Francisco clothing brand that specializes in classic/modern styles with a defiant twist. I honestly wish I could wear this gown every day! To see how it was made, click here.

Before the performance BRAVO! CLUB guests gathered at the outdoor terrace for a glass of wine or champagne along with bites from Patina. We served truffle popcorn, vegetable skewers, and meatballs.

The opening night performance of the season was Andrea Chenier, a passionate tale of liberty and love in the French Revolution. To carry out the french theme into the after party, we decided to decorate with pastel colors and french decor in the Green Room, next door to the opera house. The venue was filled with chic lounge furniture, modern decorations, and tons of chandeliers. Scroll down to see some of my favorite video clips of the evening...!

There were tables and tables of french food and desserts along with a cigar and whiskey lounge that offered complimentary hand rolled cigars. Did I mention they had custom San Francisco Opera labels on them??

The room was filled with 300 young professionals that share the same passion and love for opera in the Bay Area. Our DJ turned the tables while he played the trumpet and the drinks and laughter kept pouring all night long. You couldn't help but take a look around you and say "this is a night I'll never forget".

To find out more about the San Francisco Opera BRAVO! CLUB, click here.

To find tickets to the San Francisco Opera, click here.

Photos by Jade Studio Productions

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