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Aquarium of the Bay's 25th Anniversary Blue Marble Event Recap

June 25, 2021

We were so excited that we were invited to attend the Aquarium of the Bay's 25th Anniversary Blue Marble event this month! Not only were we looking forward to meeting some of the notable guests like "Her Deepness" Dr. Sylvia Earle (more to come on this below!), but we were also so genuinely excited to be out and about with others IN-PERSON on World Ocean Day. We were thrilled to experience live music, eat around a table together and learn about ways we could make an impact for the ocean.

Scroll below to watch our exclusive highlights from the event and to learn about how we can help protect and preserve the music of the ocean!

Everyone's spirits were high because, for many of us, this was our first time to attend a live event in over a year. This special celebration took place in the outdoor courtyard of the Hayes Mansion in San Jose, CA. All of the guests were greeted with a fun blue-themed mocktail, and each dinner table was decorated with unique and colorful centerpieces.

The first person we got to chat with at the event was George Jacobs, the President & CEO of the Aquarium of the Bay. "Tonight we have over one-hundred CEOs from seventeen different states and four countries to celebrate this special 25th Anniversary and to honor Dr. Sylivia Earle for her lifetime achievement to save the oceans and Michael Gallagher who was the first and founding Director for the Aquarium of the Bay."

After meeting with George, we had the honor to meet Dr. Sylvia Earle who is an American marine biologist, oceanographer, explorer, author, and lecturer. She has been a National Geographic explorer-in-residence since 1998. You may have even caught her on Netflix's, Mission Blue, a documentary that followed her campaign to save the world's oceans from threats such as overfishing and toxic waste. "The ocean is home for 97% of life on earth! We're terrestrial. We think, this is where the action is, but if you take that view from high in the sky and look back, the world is blue... but this is not just a blue planet, this is a living planet that keeps us alive."

Throughout the event, we learned that the ocean is not silent, there are so many noises created by the fish and mammals underwater that sound like a symphony of music! However, these melodies have been interrupted by industrialization and increased shipping noise. Because of this, whales all the way down to snapping shrimp have had to raise their pitches to communicate with their own or other marine creators. That causes the populations of these animals to dwindle and ultimately create the possibility that these creators will face extinction.

After hearing this, the first question we found ourselves asking "How can we help?? How can we make a positive impact to keep this from happening??" Thankfully, Hunter Coughlin, Aquarium of the Bay's Multimedia Specialist, was able to give us insight: "The main thing that we can do is to raise awareness. I don't think a lot of people know how loud the ocean can be. It's extremely important."

Something else we can do is think about what brands we buy from when it comes to fashion, food, shopping, etc. Consider buying from local small businesses vs. fast fashion to avoid contributing to the disruptive sounds in the ocean that come with shipping products overseas. I was really excited to wear a dress made out of vintage fabrics designed by Suzanne Vinnik from byVinnik. There are so many amazing local designers, creators, farmers, to discover! You just have to find them!

Throughout the night, we were truly inspired by all of the people we got to meet and talk to! We typically cover stories that center around performances or artists' spotlights. The Aquarium of the Bay's event gave us a chance to stop, listen, learn, and reflect on a different type of symphony that is so important to our planet! And for that, we are truly grateful. We couldn't think of a better first event to attend in over a year!

Click here to learn about the Aquarium of the Bay and George Jacob's vision for a Climate Resilience and Ocean Conservation Living Museum, an international team of architects, designers, multi-media and visual communication specialists that will have immersive exhibits on climate, conservation, pollution, consequences of inaction, solutions, and calls to action.

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