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Arts News: Highlights from the 2024 Grammy Awards

February 5, 2024

The 2024 Grammy Awards were a jubilant celebration of musical excellence, a night filled with dazzling performances and heartwarming moments. From the soulful sounds of jazz to the grandeur of orchestral masterpieces, the ceremony brought together a tapestry of musical genres. We want to send BIG congratulations to all the winners and nominees! 

Some highlights that we were most excited about were…


Best Jazz Performance: Samara Joy for “Tight”
Kicking off our celebration, we tip our hats to the incredible Samara Joy, who clinched the Best Jazz Performance award for her soul-stirring rendition of “Tight.” Samara’s voice danced through the air, weaving a spell of enchantment that captivated the audience. With each note, she demonstrated not only her vocal prowess but also her ability to transport us to the very soul of jazz. Congratulations, Samara, for painting the night with the vibrant colors of your musical brilliance!

Best Musical Theater Album: “Some Like It Hot”
In the world of musical theater, it was a toe-tapping triumph for the cast and crew of “Some Like It Hot,” securing the Best Musical Theater Album award. This production radiated with infectious energy, bringing to life a story that resonated with audiences worldwide. The creators, cast, and everyone involved in this theatrical masterpiece have indeed given us a reason to celebrate the magic of the stage. Bravo to the entire team for this well-deserved recognition!

Best Classical Solo Vocal Album: Julia Bullock and Christian Reif for “Walking in the Dark”
Step into the serene world of classical music, where Julia Bullock’s “Walking in the Dark” shone brightly, earning her the Best Classical Solo Vocal Album Grammy. Julia’s voice, accompanied by the masterful orchestration led by Christian Reif, became a musical journey that left us spellbound. This award is not just a nod to their talent but also an acknowledgment of the timeless beauty and innovation within classical compositions. Congratulations, Julia and Christian, for this harmonious triumph!

Best Orchestral Performance: Los Angeles Philharmonic for “Adès: Dante”
A standing ovation for the winner of Best Orchestral Performance, “Adès: Dante.” The composition took us on an extraordinary journey inspired by Dante’s epic poem, showcasing the brilliance of orchestral arrangements. The victory is a testament to the collaborative efforts of all those involved in creating this sonic masterpiece. Cheers to the orchestral maestros who crafted an immersive experience that resonated with the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide!

Best Opera Recording: The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and  The Metropolitan Opera Chorus for “Blanchard: Champion”
Last but certainly not least, let’s raise the curtain on the winner of the Best Opera Recording: “Blanchard: Champion.” Terence Blanchard’s operatic gem, combined with stellar performances from the cast, wove a captivating narrative that left an indelible mark on the opera scene. This award is a triumph not only for the creators but for the entire world of opera, proving that innovation and excellence continue to thrive in this grand and dramatic genre.

There were so many other highlights like…

  • Nicole Zuraitis winning the BEST JAZZ VOCAL ALBUM for “How Love Begins,” 
  • Billy Childs winning the BEST JAZZ INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM for “The Winds of Change”
  • The Count Basie Orchestra winning the BEST LARGE JAZZ ENSEMBLE ALBUM for “Basie Swings the Blues”
  • Miguel Zenón and Luis Perdomo winning the BEST LATIN JAZZ ALBUM for “El Arte Del Bolero Vol. 2”
  • Meshell Ndegeocello winning the BEST ALTERNATIVE JAZZ ALBUM for “The Omnichord Real Book”
  • Riccardo Muti and Chicago Symphony Orchestra winning the BEST ENGINEERED ALBUM, CLASSICAL for “Contemporary American Composers”
  • Uusinta Ensemble. Helsinki Chamber Choir winning the BEST CHORAL PERFORMANCE for “Saariaho: Reconnaissance”
  • Roomful of Teeth winning the BEST CHAMBER MUSIC/SMALL ENSEMBLE PERFORMANCE for “Rough Magic”
  • Yuja Wang & Teddy Abrams, conductor (Louisville Orchestra) winning the BEST CLASSICAL INSTRUMENTAL SOLO for “The American Project”
  • Alex Brown, Harlem Quartet, Imani Winds, Edward Perez, Neal Smith and A.B. Spellman; Silas Brown and Mark Dover winning the BEST CLASSICAL COMPENDIUM for “Passion for Bach and Coltrane”
  • Jessie Montgomery winning the BEST CONTEMPORARY CLASSICAL COMPOSITION for “Montgomery: Rounds”
  • and many more!

From the performances to the recognitions to the touching speeches, the 2024 Grammy Awards were definitely one for the books! What were some of your favorite highlights?

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