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Christmas Carpool Karaoke with Sol3 Mio

December 14, 2017


We're celebrating the holidays with multi-platinum New Zealand trio Sol3 Mio, who recently released their new album, A Very M3rry Christmas. Since its release, the album has already gone GOLD in New Zealand! This collection of music features their favorite holiday tunes mixed unique Pacific flavors, inspired by their Samoan heritage. A Very M3rry Christmas makes Christmas feel and sound less chaotic - thank goodness!

This talented trio (that was formed back in 2011) is made up of two tenor brothers, Pene and Amitai Pati from Mangere, and their North Shore baritone cousin Moses Mackay. Not only have they made a gold album, but they're shaking up the perceptions of opera by bridging the gap between classical music and contemporary music. While they were in San Francisco, we called them up to see if they could help spread some Christmas cheer during a shopping excursion. Click below to watch our Carpool Karaoke episode with Sol3 Mio:

After several fans requested a holiday album from the trio, the group decided that this was the year to make it happen. Scroll below to read more about the inspiration behind their gold Christmas album.

How and when did you all decide to form Sol3 Mio?

"In 2011, Pene was going to perform in a concert and spontaneously asked Amitai and me to sing with him right before he went on. We ended up getting on stage with a guitar and we sang 'O sole mio, which is how we got the name of the group! In fact, sole in Samoan means brother and friend. After we sang, we had a lot of people requesting for us to perform again so we kept singing and here we are today!" - Moses

How did you decide what songs would be on the album?

"There is a heap of songs on there that we grew up with during the holiday season along with some of our personal favorites. There's a little bit of something for everyone along with a new song by Moses!" - Amitai

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions with your friends and family?

"We love getting together for a barbeque! We like being together outside and celebrating with our favorite food and people." - Pene

What is your favorite Christmas movie of all time?

"Home Alone 2!" - Amitai

What is unique about this Christmas album?

"We wanted to put a summer spin on Christmas because in New Zealand, it's not a wintery holiday. In fact, it's summer during this time of year where we're from. Since there aren't a ton of "summery Christmas tunes", we decided to arrange some of our favorites to sound beachy and reflect our home where it's sunny and warm" -Pene

What is one of your favorite songs on the album?

"There are so many to choose from but I really enjoyed working on Return To Santa! It's one of my new songs that I wrote specifically for this album. It's upbeat and showcases our Pacific flare in a fun way." - Moses

If you're finding yourself needing some Christmas cheer or a ray of sunshine in a wintery season, we strongly suggest Sol3 Mio's new album. Every time we listen to it, it brings a smile to our face and reminds us of all the fun we had during our Carpool Karaoke.


To find out where they will be touring, click HERE.

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