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Get Ready to be Wowed: The Savor the After Hours Cabaret Show with Val and Maks from Dancing with the Stars Hits Napa!

July 19, 2023

Calling all arts and wine enthusiasts! If you're looking for a unique night out in Napa, we've got just the thing! Val and Maks, who you might know from Dancing with the Stars have worked alongside their amazing team to bring an electrifying cabaret show, "Savor the After Hours," to beautiful wine country. As someone who loves all things art and happens to call Napa home, I couldn't be more excited to spill the beans on how fun this show is!

Picture this: Val and Maks, the dance dynamos you've watched for years on Dancing with the Stars, lighting up the stage right here in the center of Downtown Napa in an opera house that has been converted into a cabaret theater. These guys are the real deal, with mad skills, impressive accolades, and oodles of charm. Brace yourself for an evening filled with stunning moves, jaw-dropping chemistry, and a whole lot of sizzle. They'll be grooving to all sorts of dance styles, from elegant ballroom to spicy Latin rhythms, guaranteeing a night you won't forget. And let's not forget... you'll be sipping on the finest wines throughout the performance!

Each week, they showcase a celebrated wine in Napa Valley and you'll have the opportunity to enjoy a special tasting while watching this fun show. Some of the wines that they've featured so far are Hall, Duckhorn, Peju, and more! So truly, this show is the ultimate wine-tasting experience. 

We recently got to meet up with Val and Maks to hear more about the inspiration for the show, get a private tour of how they've renovated the Jam Cellars Ballroom into a sexy cabaret theatre, AND get a dance lesson to learn some new moves to take out for a spin at our next event. Click above to WATCH to find out what they taught us and why this show is not to be missed...

Let me tell you a little secret—Napa Valley isn't just about wine and vineyards (though we do love those too!). This community is bursting with artistic vibes, and this show encapsulates that creative spirit beautifully. "Savor the After Hours" is a celebration of talent and wine that is grown right here in the valley. We went to the opening night and we've personally been back several times because it's been so much fun and we fully intend to go again because it's Just. That. Good!

So make sure to mark your calendars and snag those tickets to see "Savor the After Hours" which will be on stage now until September 3rd with Val and Maks and an incredible group of dancers from all over the United States. Whether you're a die-hard Dancing with the Stars fan or just someone who appreciates killer performances, this cabaret show will make you jump on your feet and toast to such a special experience. Now what are you waiting for, go GRAB YOUR TICKETS!

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