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If So, What?: An NEW Art Event Worth Going To

April 21, 2018

A brand new art experience is coming to San Francisco called If So, What? at the Palace of Fine Arts on April 26-29, 2018! This revolving exhibition will include art galleries, concerts, multi-media installations, AR and VR displays along with a series of panels featuring some of the most innovative leaders in the art and technology space.

We got to go behind-the-scenes with Co-Founder Linda Helen Gieseke to find out what inspired the event and her favorite highlights.

Click below to watch and get a sneak peek!

What makes this event so unique? The If So, What? team will be completely transforming the Palace of Fine arts into a giant gallery where you can experience, interact and learn more about art and artists from around the world. Each day will be different and there will be VIP experiences, concerts, panels and social gatherings to meet others that share the same passion for arts.

The name 'If So, What?" came from the notion of - if art and design are accessible, supported and prominent in our city, what would happen?. Co-Founder Linda Helen Gieseke found that in Europe (where she's from) there are so many art and design events but not much in San Francisco.

This year she has been dedicated and worked hard to curate a fun and interactive experience that is relatable and current to Silicon Valley. "People will be completely surrounded by art in a grand space yet also have the ability to have intimate conversations with the creators and artist," says Linda.

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="" autoplay="true"][/video]

One of the exhibits that we are most excited about is Mateusz Marpi's Aquarium exhibit that you can interact with and affect the movement of the creatures. Here is a sneak peek of the incredible designs that you will see! We don't know about you but we could watch this all day... it's so mesmerizing!

Red Curtain Addict Co-Founder Kari Lincks Coomans will be emceeing the event all weekend and has the honor to speak and moderate a few panels including, Female Founders in the World of Art, Design, Fashion and Tech along with The past, present and future of art in Silicon Valley with the amazing Satjiv Chahil!

And if couldn't get any better, San Jose Jazz has partnered with the event to bring in three incredible music groups to play in the evenings, including Tortured Soul (watch their video above!), Rayana Jay and Photay. So get ready to explore, create and boogie! We hope to see you all there!

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