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San Francisco Opera's 2017 Opening Night Gala

September 28, 2017

This month, the San Francisco Opera rolled out the red carpet to celebrate their 95th season with a radiant performance of Turandot. Most famous for the memorable piece Nessun Dorma, this opera was the perfect choice for an Opening Night Gala. The music was mesmerizing and the staging and costumes were absolutely remarkable! When the curtain closed after the final piece, the whole room roared with excitement and everyone bounced to their feet with standing ovations.

(Scroll down to see our exclusive video footage!)

The Opening Night Gala is one of our favorite events of the year. Not only do you get to experience a sensational performance by the San Francisco Opera, you get to attend one of the Bay Area's most luxurious parties. My friend, there was no small detail that wasn't thought through at this event. Every corner was filled with over-the-top decor, the champaign and cocktails were never-ending and the fun and energy that filled the air were absolutely contagious.

After the performance, we went over to the San Francisco Opera's BRAVO! CLUB After-Party and met up with General Director, Matthew Shilvock to talk about what he's most excited about for this season.

"To start, I'm excited about nights like this because this is phenomenal! I'm also really excited about having NINE different worlds emerge from our stage this season. From Turandot to Girls of the Golden West (which delves into our own California history), the magic that will be happening and the stories that will be told are moments that you won't want to miss."

We couldn't agree more!

Click to watch our exclusive footage from the event, featuring Victoria Weatherford and Alex Petalas (San Francisco Opera BRAVO! CLUB Gala Co-Chairs), Michael Bragg (San Francisco Opera's Music Librarian), Matthew Shilvock (San Francisco Opera's General Director), Lauren Groff (BRAVO! CLUB's Previous President of the Board), Pene Pati (San Francisco Opera Tenor Adler Fellow), Shanon Eliot (BRAVO! CLUB's President of the Board) and Anna Budarina (Representative of Sandeman).

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