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San Francisco Symphony's FIRST Oktoberfest

October 5, 2017

This week the San Francisco Symphony held their first ever Oktoberfest at the Davis Symphony Hall! Before the performance began, we had the opportunity to attend their speakeasy VIP biergarten.

We called it a "speakeasy" because each VIP guest was escorted through a secret passage backstage that didn't seem like much until you reached a black door that opened up into the ultimate biergarten experience! It was as if you were instantly transported to Germany.

Scroll down to see for yourself!

The room was decorated with ornate twinkle lights, tassels, flowers and merry-go-round horses surrounded by shrubbery and lounge sectionals. One of our favorite elements were the picnic tables that had an opening in the center that was filled with ice and bottles of Anchor Steam and ABK beer!

There were also several stations where you could get your fill of pretzels and brats. We definitely visited them several times during the evening. They were so tasty!

And everyone had a HUGE smile on their faces, even the accordion player!

The fun continued into the concert hall where Christian Reif led the symphony in an Oktoberfest-inspired program. There were a variety of waltzes, polkas, and traditional German songs, including our favorite Ein Prosit that repeated "Ein Prosit (Eyn Pro-zit) Der Gemutlichkeit" (Dare Gay-mute-lich-kite) meaning I Salute To Our Cozy Friendship & Good Times We're Having Together.

All night we saluted the San Francisco Symphony for the good times that they have brought to our community. We hope that they will do this again! ?

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