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Concert Date Night At Home with the San Francisco Symphony

February 11, 2021

Remember those days when you used to dress up and go out with friends for dinner and maybe catch a concert? Those are the memories I hold onto the most and hold them tight during this time where these types of experiences are not as accessible (or even available, depending on where you live). It seems like nights after work are mostly a blur and time passes so fast and at the same time, so slow... So we've committed to earmarking a night each week where we do all the things we love... but find a way to recreate them at home!

One of our favorite things we liked to do on the weekends was checking out a concert at the San Francisco Symphony or do a pinot and pizza pairing at Lynmar Estate, which is one of our favorite excursions in wine country! So we decided to shake things up a little and combine both for a stay-at-home date night that you can create yourself.

Scroll below to find out about San Francisco Symphony's NEW SFSymphony+ experience and get our favorite go-to recipes for a yummy pizza-at-home (made with our favorite Mezzetta toppings) that we like to pair with one of our favorite pinots from Lynmar Estate.

Music, Pinot & Pizza Date Night

Choose the concert you want to "attend"

We are absolutely obsessed with the San Francisco Symphony's new SFSymphony+ experiences! We definitely miss going to the Davies Symphony Hall because every concert was like embarking on a fun adventure and it helped us escape from the day-to-day grind. As of this month, you can now experience NEW concerts that have been curated by the SF Symphony and access some of their most iconic archives from home.

I think my favorite thing about it is that the symphony infuses all kinds of genres into their concerts, like hip hop, jazz, classical, Latin, etc., along with featuring special guest artists that are truly inspiring. Not just from a musical perspective but a life-journey perspective. This might sound silly but I also love that all the content isn't released at once. They will premiere new concerts every 2-3 weeks so it gives everyone something to look forward to! 

Some of their upcoming concerts that we're both really excited about are:

February 20, 2021: Chinese New Year Virtual Celebration: Year of the Ox

A virtual event that highlights themes of prosperity, unity, and growth in a program celebrating China's vibrant musical traditions, past and present. VIP packages include access to special guests and musical surprises prior to and immediately following the concert event, plus home delivery of a "Spring Celebration Kit" prepared by McCall's Catering to pair with the event. It will be available (and free!) to watch even if you don't have an SFSymphony+ subscription!

March 11, 2021: SoundBox -- Lineage (featuring soprano, Julie Bullock!)

A themed performance around "Lineage" that highlights how it can inform, influence, and impact us in a unique (and sometimes challenging) way. Julia was supposed to perform this in person last spring but she isn't letting closed doors get in her way! It has now been adapted for a digital experience and we can't wait to see it!!

April 15, 2021: SoundBox -- Patterns: (featuring dancers from the Lines Ballet!)

This fun concert will be curated by the San Francisco Symphony's NEW conductor, Esa-Pekka Salonen that just "took over the podium" this fall after MTT's 25-year tenure with the orchestra. Get this - dancers will be dancing to his world premiere piece that he composed!! We're super excited to tune in to watch it!

You can find the full season line-up HERE and to find out what else is included in the SFSymphony+ subscription!

The Right Wine for the Right Occasion

Before every great concert is a Happy Hour! Parker and I used to go to the Davies Symphony Hall early to catch up with friends for a quick drink before the concerts would start. Now that we're at home, we get to be a bit more selective and pop open a bottle that we save for special occasions. 

One of our favorite wineries to visit in wine country and sip on at home is Lynmar Estate because they have one of the best pinots that we've had to date and they do a pizza and pinot pairing experience at their estate that WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE. It has such a nice flavor that honestly pairs perfectly with pizza and is ideal for an at-home-concert date night.

I am 100% about supporting local people and companies here in the Bay Area. Something that I love about Lynmar Estate is that the owners, Lynn and Anisya, live in Napa and are the resident proprietors of the vineyard. They have dedicated many years (41 years to be exact) crafting the earthy yet tender wines at Quail Hill Ranch and Vineyards.

The property has some of the oldest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vines planted in the Russian River Valley and they have won many awards for their delicious flavors. (Need I say more?!) It has been our go-to pinot for many occasions, including concert nights at home... with pizza! #PinotAndPizza

Speaking of pizza...

A Musical Pizza Party

Parker and I would typically go out in Hayes Valley to grab a bite to eat before or after a San Francisco Symphony concert but it's now something that we enjoy making together at home. Honestly, Parker is the chef in our family who always comes up with the best recipes on the fly. One of my all-time favorites is his pizzas that he makes with Mezzetta's Pizza Sauce (for a pepperoni pizza) and their Basil Pesto (for a veggie pizza).

A lot of times he doesn't write down his recipes but this time I made sure to take notes because you guys, it's sooooo good you definitely should give it a try on your next Music, Pinot & Pizza Nights!

Pepperoni Pizza

    • Set your oven to 425 degrees

    • For the crust, we like to use the thin store-bought kind because it just speeds things up (I mean, you have a concert to catch!)

    • Cover the sauce by sprinkling on Mozzarella cheese

    • Evenly lay out pepperonis starting from the edge of the pizza to the center

    • And if you like a bit of a kick to your pizza like me, add some of Mezzetta's Peperoncini (that I basically eat like candy!)

    • Add some sliced mushrooms

    • Sprinkle the entire pizza with parmesan cheese (or feta)

    • Bake for 12 minutes

    • Lastly, add some basil leaves for garnish and enjoy!

Veggie Pizza

    • Set your oven to 425 degrees

    • Thin store-bought crust so that it doesn't overtake the pizza (and it adds a nice crunch!)

    • Cover the sauce by sprinkling on Mozzarella cheese

    • Sprinkle on some sliced cherry tomatoes

    • Slice a zucchini into thin ribbons and add about 6-7 of them to the pizza

    • Sprinkle the entire pizza with parmesan or feta cheese

    • Bake for 12 minutes

    • Lastly, add some red pepper flakes and serve!

Fun Fact: Did you know that Mezzetta is a California local brand too?

They are headquartered in America Canyon, California! Honestly, their toppings and sauces have always been in my pantry since I was little. So it was cool to discover that they are made just a few miles away from our home in Napa! We are big fans of their pizza sauces because they are the perfect base for any type of pizza that you're craving. The flavors complement the toppings vs. overtake the dish, which both Parker and I really love.

I hope you all enjoy your Music, Pinot & Pizza Nights as much as we have! Make sure to check out SFSymphony+ and subscribe to their 2021 virtual season so you can watch the concerts with us. We can't wait to hear what you think!

Leave us a comment below and tell us what concerts you are most looking forward to. Cheers!

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