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The Glass Door of Opera

January 25, 2016

When I tell friends or co-workers that I'm going to the opera, the typical response is, "....". Dead silence. But once I tell them about the custom designed costumes, the set that was flown in from overseas and the champagne that is waiting for me at intermission, their reaction turns from silence to interest.

There's a HUGE misconception about opera but what the real "miss" is not even giving it a chance. A few weeks ago I attended Les Troyans, an opera that was first opened in Paris in 1856. The last time it was performed in San Francisco was over 47 years ago because of the size of the production and the magnificent amount of cast that is involved.

Within the first act, I was blown away by this incredible 23 foot tall trojan horse head that took over a year to make that was welded with old weapons, battle debris and bits of war junk. It moved about stage nodding and turning, then it's mane ignited, projecting heat and amazement throughout the theater. It was like nothing I had ever seen.

The set was beyond exquisite with layers of singers throwing confetti and there was a beautiful woman portraying Dido with a voice of angel. Now this is something you won't experience when you're sitting at home and mindlessly scroll through your social media.

Don't wait for an invitation to give this a try. Make it your own special occasion or go round up your friends to experience the art that has memorized millions for centuries. Get dressed up, even make it a date night! I promise that this is an experience you'll always remember. Make a change and do something different.

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