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Unveiling the Magic: Red Curtain Addict's Exclusive Tour of the Museum of Broadway

November 17, 2023

In the heart of the bustling theater district, where the bright lights of Broadway paint the town, the Red Curtain Addict crew took a journey that defied the ticking clock and reveled in the vibrant history of the stage. Dive into the video below to catch a glimpse of our one-of-a-kind adventure at the Museum of Broadway, where co-founder Diane Nicoletti unwrapped the treasures of this Broadway haven.

Click to watch our exclusive tour at The Museum of Broadway!

A Walk Through Broadway's Storied Past

Our journey began with a step back in time to 1732, the year when the first documented performance graced the streets of New York City. The Museum of Broadway's pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the Map Room, a space where history and migration come to life through immersive video projections. From the financial district to Union Square, from Herald Square to the modern-day Times Square, witness the ebb and flow of New York City's theaters over the years. It's a captivating odyssey that mirrors the ever-changing landscape of Broadway.

In essence, the Museum of Broadway acts as a time capsule, inviting visitors to journey through the ages and witness the evolution of Broadway from its humble beginnings to the global sensation it is today.


Exhibits that Caught Our Eye

As we strolled through the museum, one exhibit that left an indelible mark on our Red Curtain Addict team was "The Making of a Broadway Show," a masterpiece designed by the renowned David Rockwell. This exhibit unraveled the intricate process of bringing a Broadway production to life, from script to stage. It was a mesmerizing journey into the creativity, dedication, and sheer artistry that goes into each show.

For Kari Coomans, co-founder of Red Curtain Addict, the connection to Broadway goes beyond the footlights. The exhibit dedicated to "Oklahoma" held a special place in her heart, being from Tulsa, OK. It's a testament to the museum's ability to create personal connections with its visitors.

Another favorite for co-founder Parker Coomans, was the immersive journey backstage of "Wicked," providing an in-depth view of the production's inner workings. It's a rare glimpse into the magic behind the curtain, a treat for theater enthusiasts and aspiring performers alike. Parker’s mom used to do stage makeup as a living, so it brought back many fun memories as a child.


Plan Your Visit to the Museum of Broadway

The heartbeat of Broadway lies in its groundbreaking moments—those instances when the stage became a canvas for pushing creative boundaries and challenging societal norms. The Museum of Broadway pays homage to these pivotal moments, showcasing exhibits that capture the spirit of innovation and bravery that defined Broadway's history.

Don't miss the chance to experience this cultural gem. Grab your tickets now at Museum of Broadway's website and become a part of the story that continues to captivate hearts worldwide. The stage is set, and the Museum of Broadway awaits your applause!

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