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Why is Tosca One of the World’s Most Famous Operas?

This season, the San Francisco Opera is presenting Tosca for the 39th time since they were founded in 1923! Although this sounds like a lot, they aren’t the only opera company that has performed it countless times. Tosca continues to be one of the most famous operas known around the world. But why? Among many…

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Red Curtain Addict Top Concert Picks: October 2018

We can hardly believe that fall is officially here! October is one of our favorite months in San Francisco because the weather is JUST riiiight and the music scene is packed with so many new concerts to discover. From world premieres to spooky Halloween events, we think you’re going to like what we’ve selected in our Top…

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The Phantom of the Opera VIP Experience with Red Curtain Addict

Phantom of the Opera has been an iconic Broadway show for decades and a Broadway favorite. So we decided to curate an unforgettable experience for Phantom “Phan’s” to celebrate the Music of the Night!  Scroll down to see our favorite moments. The night kicked off with a pre-concert mixer at the Blue Room in Orpheum Theater where we…

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Eat ‘n Arts: What is Merola and How is it Unique?

Hanging out with artists is one of my favorite things to do. Yes, I love talking about music and comparing thoughts about this and that but what I really love is their contagious passion and their incredible drive to perform. I would compare it to sitting around the table with a group of ambitious entrepreneurs that want nothing…

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Red Curtain Addict Top Concert Picks: August 2018

Although August is a “summer break” month for a lot of San Francisco Arts Organizations (like the SF Ballet, SF Opera and SF Symphony, etc.), there is still a TON to do! If you have guests coming in town and you’re looking for something fun to show them or you’re just simply wanting to get…

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5 Ways Merola is Advancing the Opera Artists of Tomorrow

Merola Opera - Red Curtain Addict

Behind every successful artist, you’ll find a story of grit, perseverance, sacrifice and a group of people that supported them through it all. Recently, I discovered the ultimate support program for young opera artists called Merola. Although it is new to me (mostly because I’m not an opera singer by trade), this incredible organization has been around…

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5 Things You Should Know Before Seeing the Ring Cycle

Wagner’s Ring cycle is famous as an epic undertaking for opera companies — and for the brave audiences who watch it. It lasts seventeen hours spread out across four operas, with a grand storyline full of passion, betrayal, and fire. San Francisco Opera will present the full cycle three times in June 2018. If you…

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Why SFDanceworks is a Must-See in San Francisco

Red Curtain Addict

Looking for something unique to do this weekend? We have just the thing. SFDanceworks is launching their third season in San Francisco premiering new works by current choreographers at Fort Mason. We had the opportunity to catch up with Artistic Director and Founder James Sofranko (who is also a Soloist at SF Ballet) to give you…

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