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3 Reasons Why The Velveteen Rabbit is a MUST-SEE This Holiday Season!

November 6, 2018
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Red Curtain Addict Top Concert Picks: November 2018

Arts / Dance / San Francisco

7 Fun Facts about SF Ballet’s ‘Nutcracker’

Arts / Dance / San Francisco

Soak It All In: Transcend into a New World with LINES Ballet and Kronos Quartet

Red Curtain Addict Top Concert Picks: October 2018

We can hardly believe that fall is officially here! October is one of our favorite months in San Francisco because the...

Red Curtain Addict Top Concert Picks: August 2018

Although August is a "summer break" month for a lot of San Francisco Arts Organizations (like the SF Ballet, SF...

Why SFDanceworks is a Must-See in San Francisco

Looking for something unique to do this weekend? We have just the thing. SFDanceworks is launching their third season in...

Red Curtain Addict Top Picks: June 2018

It’s officially the first month of summer and we are so excited to share our list of must-see performances, music...

Red Curtain Addict Top Picks: May 2018

It's officially May and we are excited to share our must-see performances in the Bay Area. We are so lucky...

How to Create a New Masterpiece: Artist Spotlight with Choreographer, Edwaard Liang

San Francisco Ballet has officially kicked off their Unbound Festival celebrating 12 new works in only 17 days (April 20...

Unbound: SF Ballet’s Contribution to New Works

 There's something special about looking back on choreographers, dancers and composers of the past that created timeless classics and...

The Story Behind Stradivari’s ‘Circle’ Violin And Why It’s One-Of-A-Kind

Come on, go and admit it! When you visit a museum, don't you sometimes get tempted to touch a piece...
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