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Red Curtain Addict Top Concert Picks: November 2018

November 1, 2018
Arts / Opera / San Francisco

Why is Tosca One of the World’s Most Famous Operas?

Arts / Dance / Jazz / Opera / San Francisco / Symphony

Red Curtain Addict Top Concert Picks: October 2018

Arts / Opera / San Francisco

Eat ‘n Arts: What is Merola and How is it Unique?

Red Curtain Addict Top Concert Picks: August 2018

Although August is a "summer break" month for a lot of San Francisco Arts Organizations (like the SF Ballet, SF...

5 Ways Merola is Advancing the Opera Artists of Tomorrow

Behind every successful artist, you'll find a story of grit, perseverance, sacrifice and a group of people that supported them through it...

5 Things You Should Know Before Seeing the Ring Cycle

Wagner’s Ring cycle is famous as an epic undertaking for opera companies -- and for the brave audiences who watch...

Red Curtain Addict Top Picks: June 2018

It’s officially the first month of summer and we are so excited to share our list of must-see performances, music...

Women Making History: Artist Spotlight, Ellen Fishman-Johnson

March is a great month to look back on the monumental progression that women have made in science, politics, education...

A San Francisco Concert Series Worth Checking Out

LIEDER ALIVE!: Celebrating New Works and Timeless Classics One of the things we love most about San Francisco is the variety of...

Christmas Carpool Karaoke with Sol3 Mio

Sol3 Mio's NEW Album: A VERY M3RRY CHRISTMAS We're celebrating the holidays with multi-platinum New Zealand trio Sol3 Mio, who recently...

Davóne Tines’ San Francisco Opera Debut in Girls of the Golden West

Q&A: Davóne Tines Steals the Stage at the San Francisco Opera Davóne Tines made his San Francisco Opera debut this...
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