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Why SFDanceworks is a Must-See in San Francisco

Looking for something unique to do this weekend? We have just the thing. SFDanceworks is launching their third season in...

Behind-the-Scenes at The Speakeasy

You know me, I'm always on the hunt for the best concerts and live arts experiences around the Bay Area....

How to Create a New Masterpiece: Artist Spotlight with Choreographer, Edwaard Liang

San Francisco Ballet has officially kicked off their Unbound Festival celebrating 12 new works in only 17 days (April 20...

If So, What?: An NEW Art Event Worth Going To

A brand new art experience is coming to San Francisco called If So, What? at the Palace of Fine Arts on...

Unbound: SF Ballet’s Contribution to New Works

 There's something special about looking back on choreographers, dancers and composers of the past that created timeless classics and...

San Francisco Symphony’s SoundBox: A Musical Experience to Put on Your Bucket List

If you're wanting to check out classical music for the first time or you're looking for a unique concert experience that...

Women Making History: Artist Spotlight, Ellen Fishman-Johnson

March is a great month to look back on the monumental progression that women have made in science, politics, education...

Red Curtain Addict’s Launch Party: An Evening to Unite the Arts

Drew Altizer Photography It's official! We celebrated our Red Curtain Addict Launch Party at The Battery's Penthouse...