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How to Create a New Masterpiece: Artist Spotlight with Choreographer, Edwaard Liang

San Francisco Ballet has officially kicked off their Unbound Festival celebrating 12 new works in only 17 days (April 20...

If So, What?: An NEW Art Event Worth Going To

A brand new art experience is coming to San Francisco called If So, What? at the Palace of Fine Arts on...

Unbound: SF Ballet’s Contribution to New Works

 There's something special about looking back on choreographers, dancers and composers of the past that created timeless classics and...

San Francisco Symphony’s SoundBox: A Musical Experience to Put on Your Bucket List

If you're wanting to check out classical music for the first time or you're looking for a unique concert experience that...

Women Making History: Artist Spotlight, Ellen Fishman-Johnson

March is a great month to look back on the monumental progression that women have made in science, politics, education...

Red Curtain Addict’s Launch Party: An Evening to Unite the Arts

Drew Altizer Photography It's official! We celebrated our Red Curtain Addict Launch Party at The Battery's Penthouse...

Red Curtain Addict Top Picks – March 2018

It's the month of March Musical Madness! There are so many great concerts happening this month. To keep the search...

The Story Behind Stradivari’s ‘Circle’ Violin And Why It’s One-Of-A-Kind

Come on, go and admit it! When you visit a museum, don't you sometimes get tempted to touch a piece...