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5 Reasons Why SF Opera Lab Should be on Your Bucket List this Spring

Last year, the San Francisco Opera started a new series called SF Opera Lab. Why is it called "Lab"? Because...

Opera Hair and Makeup Tutorial

It's all in the details! I'm not talking about the thousands of notes that go into every opera production. I'm...

The Fashion of Opera

Fashion doesn't just live in the stores. It exists on the stage! One of the many reasons I love going...

A Night to Remember – The SF Opera BRAVO! CLUB Gala

This year I had the honor to co-chair the San Francisco Opera BRAVO! CLUB Gala. BRAVO! CLUB is a community...

Behind the Curtain at War Memorial Opera House

Going to the opera is such a lavish event. The lights, the set, the costumes, the music...  It really is...

The New Way to “OPERA”

And you thought seeing opera was for the old people with squeaky hearing aids... Not in San Francisco! The SF...

The Red Curtain Addict

  I want to lift the red curtain to reveal what the arts has NOT shown you. There is so...

The Glass Door of Opera

When I tell friends or co-workers that I’m going to the opera, the typical response is, “….”. Dead silence. But...