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Join our Red Curtain Addict Writing Community!

Join our community of writers!

We are looking for amazing writers that share a passion for the arts to create fun and sharable articles to be featured on!

Applicants must...

  • Have a mid-pro level knowledge base about classical music, opera, dance, jazz and/or theater
  • Understand complex subjects around the performing arts but have the ability and knack to break it down for an everyday audience
  • Contribute original work (plagiarism just isn't cool...)
  • Meet agreed-upon deadlines
  • Come to the table with fun and unique ideas for sharable articles

What's in it for me?

  • Each contributor will be recognized as the original author of each of your published articles on Red Curtain Addict
  • Although we do not offer compensation, we DO offer complimentary tickets to select shows each month to the best arts experiences in the Bay Area
  • Ideate, collaborate and write with other contributors that love the arts as much as you do
  • Go backstage and meet some of the best artists in the world for intimate and exclusive interviews


Please submit 3 writing samples that you have published before and a 300-word article that's a fun and easy read about a recent and/or upcoming performance that you are excited about and why it's worth seeing.