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166 Drury Lane, Holborn, London WC2B 5PW


About the event

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella, is a new romantic musical comedy featuring an original story and book by 2021 OSCAR winner Emerald Fennell (Promising Young Woman) and lyrics by Tony & Olivier award winner David Zippel (City of Angels). Laurence Connor (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, School of Rock) directs with choreography by Joanne Hunter.

Welcome to Belleville! The most aggressively picturesque town in the history of the world, populated exclusively with gorgeous townsfolk who stop at nothing to achieve perfection. Belleville is fairy tale come to life: a place where you can’t move without falling over a wishing well or a quivering milkmaid. Maintaining this façade is a full time job, and one that is taken very seriously indeed.

The only person steadfastly refusing to live in the fairy tale is Cinderella, loud-mouthed, dripping with disdain, and more likely to roast Hansel and Gretel for dinner than play the demure and downtrodden maid, Cinderella is desperate to escape. But underneath it all, the loneliness that comes with being the town pariah is wearing on her.

It doesn’t help that her only friend, Prince Sebastian, has suddenly become the heir to the throne after the mysterious disappearance of his elder brother: sex god and charisma machine, Prince Charming. Suddenly thrust into the spotlight, the formerly shy and somewhat-less-sex-goddish Sebastian seems to be quickly growing into his brother’s enormous britches, and out of his friendship with Cinderella. But this change of circumstances also introduces something else to the relationship, a new spark which neither of them quite know what to do with. Could it be that these two old friends mean more to one another than they are willing to let on?

After a devastating PR disaster for Belleville, and with the threat of the guillotine glinting on the horizon, the Queen decides that the only thing to save the town (and her pretty neck) is a Royal Wedding: something colourful and distracting so the peasants don’t get too revolution-y.

All looks lost for the blossoming romance, until Cinderella meets The Godmother, who can fix any problem with a little incision and a couple of broken ribs. Maybe the answer lies where Cinderella has been refusing to look: in becoming the identikit beauty that everyone has always told her to be.


Carrie Hope Fletcher, Ivano Turco, Rebecca Trehearn, Victoria Hamilton-Barritt, Georgina Castle, Laura Baldwin, Gloria Onitiri, Caleb Roberts, Georgina Onuorah, Sam Robinson, Giovanni Spano, Vinny Coyle, Michael Afemaré, Lauren Byrne, Michelle Bishop, Sophie Camble, Tobias Charles, Nicole Deon, Jonathan David Dudley, Michael Hamway, James Lee Harris, Katy Ivory Jordan, Jessica Kirton, Kelsie-Rae Marshall, Georgia Tapp, Matthieu Vinetot, Alexandra Waite Roberts, Rodney Vubya, Lydia Bannister, William Bozier, Dominic Adam Griffin, Leah Harris, Andy Rees, Lauren Stroud

Price Range

£25 - £140

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Useful Info

Live Event
166 Drury Lane, Holborn, London WC2B 5PW
Large Theater
No kids under 5 years old

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