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Geoffrey's Inner Circle, 410 14th Street Oakland, CA 94612 United States


About the event

Valerie Troutt Projects presents the first ever “Because of Black Music IAM” Festival, Because of Black Music IAM (BOBM), is a two-day music festival in celebration of Black Music Month being held on June 10th and 11th, 2023. BOBM is a soulful conversation piece developed to bring together local artists, industry professionals, and the community to make connections and create awareness about the impact of Black music and the need to establish new music industry infrastructures ensuring the longevity of not only Black music but Black Artists.

The festival will include an artist’s Soulfood brunch, a mixer, a panel, and two live music concerts. This festival has been made possible by grants and donations from The Akonadi Foundation, The Eastbay Community Fund, The African American Art and Culture Complex SF, and The Queer Cultural Center of San Francisco, ca.

June 10th, 2023 - Day 1,

Location: Geoffery's Inner Circle

Brunch 10am-2pm Brunch is Free for the first 25 people to purchase tickets. Brunch tickets are a seperate cost outside of the ticket price, and can be purchased at the bar the day of the event. I believe they are $20.

12:30 pm-2 pm The artist panel includes Ethnomusicologist Dr. Niva Flor, Author Andrew Gilbert, Producer Bosco of HIWAA, Vocalist Magenta Jazz, Pianist, Composer, and Educator Cava Menzie.

2pm-5pm Concert lineup includes; SF Poet Laureate Tongo Eisen-Martin, Singer SoLauren, Rapper JWalt, Saxophonist Howard Wiley, and Valerie Troutt’s MoonCandy Live Music Ensemble.

June 11th, 2023 - Day 2

Private Location (address to be given the day of the event)

3pm-6pm Concert lineup includes Singer-songwriter Aime Cota, Poet Marvin K. White, Singer-songwriter Cadence Myles, and The Valerie Troutt JazzSoul Quartet featuring poet Joyce Lee.


Tongo Eisen-Martin, The Dynamic Miss Faye Carol, SoLauren, JWalt, Howard Wiley, Valerie Troutt’s MoonCandy Live Music Ensemble, Micia Mosley, Amie Cota, Marvin K. White, Cadence Myles, The Valerie Troutt JazzSoul Quartet, Joyce Lee

Price Range

$25 - $35

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Useful Info

Live Event
Geoffrey's Inner Circle, 410 14th Street Oakland, CA 94612 United States
Dinner Theater
No kids under 5 years old

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