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Catalyst Quartet

Multiple Locations

02/25/2022 - 02/27/2022


About the event

The Catalyst Quartet’s latest project is UNCOVERED, a multi-volume set of albums to be released on Azica Records. The initiative celebrates beautifully crafted works by artists who have been overlooked and sidelined in classical music, especially because of their race or gender. Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, Arkansas-born Florence Price, and Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson contributed beautiful works to the repertoire, but performances and quality recordings of their music are rare or non-existent. In their three concerts in Tulsa, the Quartet brings to life the music of these neglected artists, along with compelling works by American composers Libby Larsen and Jessie Montgomery.



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Live Event
Multiple Locations
Small Theater
Family Friendly for all ages

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