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Actors Temple Theatre, 339 West 47th Street, New York NY 10036


About the event

From the author of Black Angels Over Tuskegee, Layon Gray, Cowboy is the first full on western to hit a Broadway or off-Broadway stage in over 80 years.

He is the greatest U.S. Deputy Marshal you've never heard of. Many scholars believe that Bass Reeve's life inspired the Lone Ranger character.

Cowboy is set in 1888 Oklahoma Indian territory. The story follows Bass Reeves and his Indian companion as they search for two criminals fleeing to the Mexican border, one of whom Reeves has a death warrant for. They all find themselves stuck in an old saloon as a deadly tornado slowly approaches.

"Playwright Layon Gray has a gift for turning a wide range of stories from Black history into engaging, thought-provoking 21st century drama. The title refers to yet another illustration of slavery’s legacy, a story that’s key to the play. After experiencing Cowboy, you may never hear the word the same way again." – Miami Herald

"Cowboy is everything audiences expect of a rousing western! Gray is a fine writer—as in Tennessee Williams, there’s a regional poetry in the characters’ communication, but he’s an even better director. - ” Florida Theatre Onstage

“Cowboy is a theatrical wonder! Gives reason to go back to theatre.”- Miami Artzine

“The multitasking Gray is a memorable Bass Reeves, observant and clever and two steps ahead of everyone else. His speeches are key to the play’s richness and to the way it emotionally connects past and present.” - Artburst

Cowboy Special Information

Gunshots and strobe lights are used in this production.


Layon Gray, Thaddeus Daniels, Melvin Huffnagle, Lamar Cheston, Anthony Goss, David Roberts, Clinton Faulkner

Price Range

$59 - $81

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Useful Info

Live Event
Actors Temple Theatre, 339 West 47th Street, New York NY 10036
Small Theater
No kids under 5 years old

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