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The Dolby Theatre, 6801 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood, CA 90028


About the event

Anyone that has been fortunate to experience the grandeur and elegance of a performance by the Gevorkian Dance Academy will eagerly testify about the stunning entertainment spectacle. The audience is surely to be captivated as a troop of skilled dancers of various ages perform complicated artistic and technical routines simultaneously on multi-level stages. Considered as one of the most prestigious and successful artistic academies of the Armenian Diaspora, the Gevorkian Dance Academy has progressively evolved over the years into a vibrant performing group with memorable dance performances at multiple respected venues. It is no wonder that their performances have been so enthusiastically embraced and highly praised by audiences world wide. We invite you to celebrate Gevorkian Dance Academy's 25th Anniversary concert at the Dolby Theatre for a truly magical evening of cultural dance.

Price Range

$45 - $245

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Useful Info

Live Event
The Dolby Theatre, 6801 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood, CA 90028
Large Theater
No kids under 5 years old

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