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The Place, 17 Duke's Road, London WC1H 9PY UK


About the event

Resolution, the most anticipated event of The Place’s calendar returns!

This year 66 artists across 22 nights showcase bite-size premiere performances at London’s boldest dance theatre. Don’t miss the ultimate pick ‘n’ mix festival of live theatre!

Hsing-Ya - BLACK & WHITE

BLACK & WHITE is an emotional solo performance by Taiwanese dance artist Hsing Ya, set on the beautiful island of Taiwan formally known as Formosa, an area steeped in multicultural history. Using contemporary dance, balloon, live music and a blend of traditional Taiwanese and western contemporary music, Hysing Ya seeks to unearth her roots and to express her personal experience of an east/west culture clash. It is about identity, East Asia, West nude, ethnicity, history, culture shock, female, race, language, contrast, symbol, abstract.

Hannah Grace - SACRED AWAKENING: This Is Not My Skin

SACRED AWAKENING is a multifaceted project which researches the physical and energetic states of the female body, namely its hormone system, womb, vagina and vulva. This Is Not My Skin is the third installment, and first live performance piece of this larger project. Through movement and song, This Is Not My Skin allows the audience to witness a journey of two female-inhabiting people become aware of and release their patriarchal conditioning, or ‘skins’ that aren’t theirs. This piece is inspired by the notion that the most radical way to heal is by returning to the body: returning to feeling. It comments on the constant fight/flight/freeze mode that patriarchal, capitalistic systems impose on the body, and how those states remove humans from being able to experience and process events. It speaks to systematic expectations of female sexuality, inter-relational rape and unspoken sexual abuse. How does one learn to feel so that they may heal?

Content Warning: Sensitive content around the topic of rape is discussed in this performance, and there are sexual references made through movement and costuming.

Age Restriction: 16+

Emma Stanworth - th\ud

Weaving, intersecting, and meeting. th\ud explores the parallels between the tides, and the encounters we have between each other. Accompanied by an unsettling but poetic soundscape of thumps and bangs. You are invited to join us as the performers explore the dynamics of jumping into water, confront chance encounters and share the tale of a boat hitting a rock at sea.


Hsing-Ya, Hannah Grace, Emma Stanworth

Price Range

£12 - £16

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Useful Info

Live Event
The Place, 17 Duke's Road, London WC1H 9PY UK
Small Theater
No kids under 5 years old

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