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Resolution Festival 2022 Monica Tolia | Nimi Collective | AURA

The Place, 17 Duke's Road, London WC1H 9PY UK

06/10/2022 - 06/10/2022


About the event

Resolution, the most anticipated event of The Place’s calendar returns!

This year 66 artists across 22 nights showcase bite-size premiere performances at London’s boldest dance theatre. Don’t miss the ultimate pick ‘n’ mix festival of live theatre!

Monica Tolia - A snake in the house means the family will never want

‘a snake in the house means the family will never want’ is a multi-sensory performance transporting the audience into the intimate world of Asian diasporic visions for the future. Opening with a recording of the artist’s mother reflecting on overwork, xenophobia & cultural invisibility, the duo onstage perform a choreography suspended in repetitive mechanisms. The movement eventually departs into sensuous animalism drawing on the history of East Asian movement practices & animal mimicry. As the narrative transforms into hypnotic live electronica, the space is further activated by the smell of burning incense. Wearing Guochao-inspired sculptural costuming illuminated by light, and shifting form with the dancer’s movements, the performance projects visions of cultural & futuristic hybridity.

Nimi Collective - STILL falling from zero

STILL falling from zero is a multidisciplinary performance in conversation between the moving bodies and the progressive sounds. Questioning the value of movement in today's society the performers find themselves at the junctions of continuous changes in space, mechanics, speed and interpretation. The fragments of sounds circulating in the space are manipulated live by the performers, constructing seemingly disorganised soundscapes from scratch. Actions trigger sounds and sounds trigger actions, finding points of encounter between chaos and control while a nonsensical world is slowly being built.

AURA - 7 ≈ 8

This performance is an immersive and ethereal experience, an ecosystem inhabited by the artist and the audience, where two intersected bodyscapes unfold, mapping her identity and circumscribing her transition. The piece’s scenography transports the audience to the absolute simplicity of a work about the body, mind, and soul. Proposing the attentive observation of acts such as awakening, breathing, raising, drying, moving, and unveiling that simultaneously contains boldness and vulnerability. The infinity-shaped water mirror, the emanating sound, the celestial gown, and the presence of the four natural elements contribute to an otherworldly atmosphere achieved by the use of time and meticulous sculpting of space. 7 ≈ 8 is the culmination of profound introspection and the courage to deconstruct and reconstruct one's own history, while sharing it.

Content Warning: This work contains smoke.


Ting-ning Wen, Monica Tolia, Miia Mäkilä, Nikita De Martin, Valentina López, Katerina Sotiraki

Price Range

£12 - £16

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Useful Info

Live Event
The Place, 17 Duke's Road, London WC1H 9PY UK
Small Theater
No kids under 5 years old

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