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Rhapsody Gala

The Summit Club Ballroom, 15 W 6th St Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119 United States

03/31/2023 - 03/31/2023


About the event

Join us for our third annual Rhapsody Gala celebrating the Sound of Tulsa’s Future! Rhapsody is the crescendo to the end of our season; it is a moment of celebration, delight, and an ecstatic expression of our gratitude for our incredible young musicians.

This year we are upping the tempo and expanding the movement by providing excited speakers, live entertainment from our effusively enthusiastic TYS ensembles, excellent silent auction and raffle opportunities, world-class dining and cocktails, and a couple surprises—all set against the exuberance of the Tulsa skyline in the Summit Club Ballroom!

All tickets, tables, auction bids, raffle tickets, etc. will go toward providing advanced musical training and exceptional performance opportunities to our community’s future leaders. Each dollar raised will contribute to giving these wonderful students a chance to creatively flourish!

We hope you can join us in rhapsodizing these incredible talents!



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Useful Info

Live Event
The Summit Club Ballroom, 15 W 6th St Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119 United States
Dinner Theater
No kids under 5 years old

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