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Coventry Street, London, W1D 6AS


About the event

The Book Of Mormon is a nine-time Tony-winning, multi-Olivier awarded and Grammy-getting musical. Playing at London’s Prince of Wales Theatre, it continues to have West End audiences knocking on its door. Have you joined the mission?

Written by the animated sitcom’s creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, along with Avenue Q co-creator Robert Lopez, The Book Of Mormon is a satirical musical that takes shots at everything from organised religion to consumerism, the state of the economy and the musical theatre genre itself.

The show tells the story of two young Mormon missionaries who travel to Africa to preach the Mormon religion, only to discover they have a lot more to learn about the real world than they have to teach about Mormonism.

When the pair of opposites land in a poverty-stricken, crime-riddled and disease-filled village in Uganda, the enigmatic over-achiever and prideful Mormon Elder Price learns that charms and good looks don’t get you far. As for his awkward and enthusiastic partner Elder Cunningham; well, he’s just happy to have a friend and be included in something. Thousands of miles from Salt Lake City and facing the biggest of reality checks, Elder Price’s faith is shaken. He must convince himself of the scriptures he’s preaching before he can convert any of the locals who are more concerned with war, famine, and AIDS than Mormonism. However, armed with his own interpretation of the Book and an innocent disposition, Elder Cunningham thrives… sort of.


Dom Simpson, Tom Xander, Leanne Robinson, Steven Webb, Richard Lloyd King, Dean Maynard, Michael Moulton

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£23 - £98

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Live Event
Coventry Street, London, W1D 6AS
Large Theater
No kids under 5 years old

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