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The Messenger

300 S. 1400 E., Room 325, SLC, UT 84112

01/14/2022 - 01/29/2022


About the event

Norway. 1882. The Stockman home. Sound familiar? Not so fast. Therese Stockman is a small-town doctor and single mother who has made a shocking discovery about the industry that gives her town its lifeblood. Her friend Kristine Hovstad, the editor of The Messenger (one of the two competing newspapers in town), is going to take the story and run with it, but at what cost? Using Henrik Ibsen’s classic An Enemy of the People as a departure point, this brand-new play examines our relationships with the press, our community, and each other.

We also examine where to draw the line when deciding the right move to make.

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Price Range

$35 - $50

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Useful Info

Live Event
300 S. 1400 E., Room 325, SLC, UT 84112
Large Theater
No kids under 5 years old

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