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Pickleville Playhouse, 2049 S Bear Lake Blvd Garden City, UT


About the event

Pickleville’s original brand of hilarious, improvisational tomfoolery continues this summer with our all-new, modern musical melodrama: Thick As Thieves. When two con artist brothers get caught in a heist red-handed, they’re coerced into an undercover sting operation, posing as the grieving children to their beloved parents, recently 86’ed by an unknown source. The catch: their would-be parents are the former owners of a rundown local theater and in order for the boys to claim their inheritance, they’ve gotta put on a show.

The tables turn quickly as a bombshell showgirl appears on the scene, pulling on both brothers’ heartstrings and throwing their entire scheme out of whack. Full of chaos, catastrophe and curveballs, this show will keep you on your toes from curtain to curtain. Bring your entire family and be ready for the ab workout only Pickleville hysterics can provide. This one’s a real doozy!

Price Range

$25 - $37

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Useful Info

Live Event
Pickleville Playhouse, 2049 S Bear Lake Blvd Garden City, UT
Small Theater
Family Friendly for all ages

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