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For all those Phantom of the Opera fans out there, did you know that Andrew Lloyd Webber created a sequel to his masterpiece? It’s called Love Never Dies. After Phantom of the Opera swept across the world as one of the best Broadway shows in history, Webber knew that a sequel was the next best move. But it wasn’t until 2010 that it premiered in London. I’m here to tell you that it was worth the wait!

I saw it for the first time in the movie theater back in my hometown (Tulsa, Oklahoma) around 2012. When the end credits started rolling I was in TEARS! Not only because it was so good but because I was sad that it was over.

Why am I so excited? ⬆️ WATCH to find out! ⬆️

I simply couldn’t get enough of it so I immediately searched it online and bought the CD and DVD! My friends and I couldn’t stop talking about it and I have been waiting and waiting for it to see it live. Well, it has FINALLY arrived and it’s coming to Broadway San Jose on March 13-18th. I am SO excited!!!!

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Phantom of the Opera and Love Never Dies was some of my experiences witnessing “opera” (even though it’s not technically opera, but close!). It was so grand, so beautiful and so impactful. I loved how their voices soared and how it completely took over my senses. I was completely absorbed by its beauty and the music left me in such a magical state. I was transfixed! Because of that, I actually started going to see operas in my city.

The more and more I heard this type of music, the more and more I fell in love. I then moved to San Francisco and have served as the Vice President of the San Francisco Opera BRAVO! Club, which is their young professional group. My hope is that more and more people will give opera a chance and experience a live production in their city.

If I could sit down with Andrew Lloyd Webber for lunch, I would buy him champagne and thank him for making such a meaningful impact in my life.

Red Curtain Addict

You can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be at Broadway San Jose’s Opening Night on March 13th. Want to join me? Click here to get your tickets! This show is great for all ages and is a MUST if you are a Phantom of the Opera fan like me.

A few of my favorite tunes from the show are Beneath a Moonlit Sky, Once Upon Another Time, Devil Take the Hindmost and of course, Love Never Dies. If you’ve seen it already, what are some of your favorites? Leave me a comment below!

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