My Surprise Engagement!

I’ve dreamt of this moment since I was a little girl. I didn’t know what it was going to look like, when it would be or who it would be with but I’m so glad it happened like it did with my best friend (and now fiancé) Parker Coomans. One of my favorite nights out in the city is the San Francisco Ballet’s Opening Night Gala. l like to call it the “grown-up prom” because you get to dress fancy in beautiful gowns and celebrate with your closest friends. But little did I know, this night was going to be so much more!


We started the night out at Sauce in Hayes Valley (a great place that accommodates groups and just a walk away from the ballet!). As we’re all catching up and admiring each other’s gowns and tuxes, a tray of champagne arrives and Parker gets up to toast the group. Since this is kind of a normal occurrence, I don’t think twice about it but the toast quickly turned out to be the most important speeches of my life. Before I knew it, Parker got on one knee and asked me to be his bride. Of course, I said YES! (Sidenote: 3 years ago on this very night, we went on our first date. Let the “Awwws” begin. )


I can’t get enough of my engagement ring! I find myself just staring at it getting lost in its beauty and meaning to us. I love the dark blue sapphire because it represents sincerity, purity, constancy and truth which is the perfect jewel to symbolize our love. It was actually the original engagement ring before diamonds became so popular in the 1930’s. Parker had it custom made with intricate details including the beautiful diamond that’s on the bottom of the band. It’s one of a kind – made specially made for me! #proudbridetobe

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To be honest, I could hardly focus on the ballet after such a surprise but each dance was sensational. The Opening Night is a preview of what’s to come in the upcoming season. This year’s lineup is going to be amazing! Swan Lake (that will be on stage from Feb. 19 – 28) and Chopin’s Swimmer (March 16 – 22) are definitely the “MUST SEE” performances of the season. My recommendation is getting on The List, to receive exclusive invitations to an assortment of performances . (You have to be age 21-39 making it a great way to meet other like minded young professionals in the Bay Area!)


This year’s SF Ballet Gala was called Provocative with pink and purple lights, chandeliers, overly sized mirrors and bright pink furniture scattered through the City Hall. I decided to match the theme by wearing a lavish hot pink sequined dress with a low-cut back and long trail accented by a silk bow. Since I’m a HUGE fan of 1950’s fashion I decided to style my hair with a fifties wave that was expertly created by the magicians at Drybar.

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One of my favorite parts of the evening was the Silent Disco! While we danced around with light-up headphones, we got to enjoy the best view of the venue from the balcony. All and all, I would say this evening was the best night of my life. Now, let the wedding/party planning begin!

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