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Red Curtain Addict's Launch Party: An Evening to Unite the Arts

March 4, 2018

Drew Altizer Photography

It's official! We celebrated our Red Curtain Addict Launch Party at The Battery's Penthouse in San Francisco on March 2, 2018. It was such a great feeling to have so many people come to support us and learn more about J & A Beare's 'Circle' violin made by Stradivari.

Drew Altizer Photography

Drew Altizer Photography

The night opened with a VIP tasting experience sponsored by Glenfiddich and Williamson Wines. They are definitely some of our favorite drinks to sip on, especially when listening to classical music. Everyone's energy was high and we were all united together to celebrate the arts in the Bay Area. We were lucky to have representatives and leaders attend from San Francisco Symphony, San Francisco Ballet, SFJAZZ, San Francisco Opera, LIEDER ALIVE! and so many more!

"I personally felt something that night that I had been waiting to feel in the San Francisco arts scene for a long time," said pianist, Ronny Michael Greenberg. "There was a sense of artistic community and inclusiveness - one that brought together all the arts rather than separated them. I have never seen in one room the mix of people from different artistic pulls and backgrounds, including age range. It was amazing!"

Drew Altizer Photography

The program featured San Francisco Ballet's Concertmaster, Cordula Merks playing Stradivari's 'Circle' violin that was made in 1701. It is now valued at over $11M! Amos Yang, San Francisco Symphony's Assistant Principal Cellist, joined her at the beginning to play and share his special story about how he acquired his cello, made by Carlo Giuseppe Testore made in the 1690's. "My hope is that Cordula will be able to experience the same thing with J & A Beare's Stradivari!" said Amos Yang. Receiving this instrument was a pivotal moment that enriched and strengthened his musical career.

"Seeing both of these musicians in concert together was so awe-inspiring. We were not only listening to incredible music by some of the best musicians in the country, we were also listening to history!", said Kari Lincks Coomans, Red Curtain Addict's Co-Founder.

Drew Altizer Photography

Maja Wegrzynowska, J & A Beare's representative and violin expert joined the experience with a fun Q & A session so that the audience could learn more about the significance of the Stradivari and the opportunity to keep the instrument in the Bay Area. "Many times Stradivari's violins are privately owned or displayed in a museum," said Maja. "To have a Stradivari in an orchestra for the community to hear live is a rare and special experience."

Click here to learn more about the Stradivari's 'Circle' violin.

Cordula ended the program with music by Bach that was written in the same time period that Stradivari made this 'Circle' violin. "It was so great to look out into the audience of all ages that was captivated by Cordula's playing," said Parker Coomans, Red Curtain Addict's Co-Founder. "It would be incredible to have the opportunity to keep this instrument in her hands and within the orchestra of the San Francisco Ballet!"

If you are interested in hearing more about the investment opportunity for the Stradivari violin, please click here.

If you would like to hear more about Red Curtain Addict and learn how you can partner with us, click here!

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Thank you to all of our sponsors for your support to help us make this night possible, including Montgomery Pacific, LLP., Britsh Motor Cars SF, The Battery, Williamson Wines, Glenfiddich, J & A Beare and Destination Luxury.

Drew Altizer Photography

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